The purpose of the REALTOR-of-the-Year program is to recognize the active member of the local Association who has provided outstanding service to his or her profession and his or her community during the year.

The procedure for selection of the local REALTOR-of-the-Year which has been most successful begins with the appointment by the Association Executive of a selection committee of from three to five active Association members. The immediate past REALTOR-of-the-Year serves as chairman.

Nomination forms are sent to all active association members to be filled in and returned by December 31st each year. As the forms come in, the members of the committee review them, adding recommendations of their own, if they wish.


A. REALTOR® Spirit (25%) - high principles, faithfulness to laws and regulations of the Code of Ethics and local board; furtherance of principals of good real estate practice among other brokers and the general public.

B. Civic Activity (20%) - local, state, and national level participation in civic and service clubs, charitable activities, political action, fraternal and religious groups, etc.

C. Local Association Activity (25%) - Association offices and committee work; special assignments; seminar activity and education work; membership and offices in local chapters of Institutes, Societies, etc.

D. State Association Activity (15%) - same as (C) but at the state association level; include attendance at State Convention.

E. National Association Activity (10%) - same as (C) but on the national level; include attendance at the National Convention.

F. Business Accomplishments (5%) - recognized good business conduct; service to clients; imaginative and creative advertising programs; rehabilitations; land utilization, etc.

The contest is more dramatic if the name of the winner is kept secret until the presentation at an Awards or Installation Banquet.

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